FRTN40 Projects in Automatic Control

This is an advanced/doctoral project course that gives 7.5 ECTS credits. The course is given during the second study period of the fall semester. See the course syllabus for more information. Course evaluations by previous participants are available through the CEQ system (old course code: FRT090). Schedule for 2017.

Latest news

  • [2017-06-19] Course home page for 2017 created.


Kristian Soltesz (, course responsible)
Anton Cervin


Marcus Greiff (
Tommi Nylander (
Olof Troeng (

Research engineers

Pontus Andersson (
Anders Blomdell (
Anders Nilsson (

LADOK responsible

Mika Nishimura (


Student representative (Swe: kursombud)

TBA ()

Important dates

  • Monday October 16, 15:15-17:00, M:D Introductory lecture. The course format, project suggestions, and related practical information will be presented by the instructors. Note: This is prior to the course start date, in order to have project groups and material orders ready by the actual course start date.
  • Thursday October 19 by 17:00 Mail wish list with 3 projects in prio order (and possibly list of group members) to
  • Monday October 30, 10:15-12:00, M:D Course start lecture. An introduction to git version management will be given. While we strongly encourage attendance at the October 16 introduction lecture, Monday 30 will be the last possibility to form project groups.
  • Monday November 6 Project plan should be pushed to git and supervisor notified.
  • Monday November 13, 13:15-15:00, M:2112 (Automatic Control's seminar room, M building floor 2) Feedback seminar 1 on modeling and design.
  • Wednesday November 29. Report should be pushed to git to allow peer review by other groups before Feedback seminar 2.
  • Monday December 4, 13:15-15:00, M:2112 Automatic Control's seminar room, M building floor 2) Feedback seminar 2 on design and implementation.
  • Wednesday December 20 Project report should be pushed to git and supervisor notified.
  • Friday January 5 All groups should leave review feedback on the reports they have received to review.
  • Friday January 12 Final, revised, report should be pushed to git and supervisor notified.
  • Friday January 12 (details TBA) Project presentations and demonstrations.
  • Wednesday January 17 LADOK registration of course results. To be registered, you need a clearance from your supervisor that you have cleaned up in the lab, returned any borrowed parts/tools, and that the written report has been approved.


For course credits, it is required to

  • participate in the project work and the feedback seminars;
  • hand in a final report
  • perform a review of another group's report;
  • commit well-documented code and anything else necessary to reproduce your work into your git repo;
  • give a final presentation and demonstration of your project;
  • clean up after your group in the lab;
  • return all borrowed items, such as tools, components, etc.;
  • do the above within stipulated deadlines, and make sure to have each item approved by your group's supervisor.


Project groups

Getting started

Feedback seminars

Final report

Presentation and demonstration