FRTN40 Project in Automatic Control

This is an advanced/doctoral project course that gives 7.5 ECTS credits. The course is given during the second study period of the fall semester (HT2), or any time during the year upon agreement between students and a teacher from the Automatic Control department. (Contact Kristian if you are interested in taking the course at another time than HT2.) See the course syllabus for more information. Course evaluations by previous participants are available through the CEQ system (Current course code: FRTN40, old course code: FRT090).

Latest news

  • [2018-01-27] This is a preliminary version of the 2018 course web page. The 2017 edition of the course has finished. The 2017 course web page is available here.


Apart from the scheduled events, we will mainly use the course web (this) and the e-mail list (to which your e-mail address registered in LUCAT has been added. Important: if you have not received a welcome e-mail by the course start date, notify one of the teachers. The issue/milestone handling system tied to your repo in gitlab (instructions here) will also be a good way for communicating progress and issues, both within the project group and with your supervisor.

You decide with your supervisor on when, and how frequently, to schedule supvervison meetings. However, you must schedule at least one meeting per course week. A good idea is to meet up with the group before meeting the supervisor, to get on the same page, assemble a status summary, and identify the issues that are the most burning.

We hope that you are enjoying the course. Whether or not, we appreciate feedback and suggestions on how to improve. You can give it directly to course staff, anonymously via the student representatives, or via an anonymous online form.

Important dates and deliveries

Below is a timeline of the course. Participation is mandatory for all listed activities, except for the pre-meeting (for which it is still highly recommended).

  • TBA. Pre-meeting. This meeting provides an opportunity for you to suggest project and group member choices prior to the course start. It also enables us to order needed components prior to course start. We strongly encourage participation.
  • TBA. Participants of the pre-meeting are encouraged to e-mail a wish list of three (3) projects in prio order, most desirable first (and possibly a list of group members) to
  • Mon Oct 22, 15:15-17:00 in M:D. Official course start lecture. Apart from a general introduction, an introduction to git version management will be given.
  • Mon Oct 22, by midnight. For those who have not done so following the pre-meeting: E-mail a wish list of three (3) projects in prio order, most desirable first (and possibly list of group members) to
  • TBA.  should be pushed to git (instructions here) and supervisor notified.
  • Mon Nov 5, 10:15-12:00 in M:D. Tutorial lecture on report writing in LaTeX.
  • Mon Nov 12, 10:15-12:00 in M:2112B. Feedback seminar 1 on modeling and design.
  • Mon Dec 10, 13:15-15:00 in M:2112B. The report for feedback seminar 2 instructions here) to allow peer review prior to the seminar.
  • Mon Dec 10, 13:15-15:00 in M:2112BFeedback seminar 2 on design and implementation. Each group presents and provides feedback on another groups' report (instructions here).
  • TBA. A complete final report should be pushed to git (instructions here) and supervisor notified.
  • TBA. All groups should leave review feedback on another group's final report (instructions here).
  • TBA. Final, revised, report should be pushed to git (instructions here) and supervisor notified per e-mail once this has been done.
  • TBA. Project presentations and demonstrations
  • TBA. LADOK registration of course results. See below for credit requirements.

Examination (check list)

For course credits, it is required to

  • participate in the project work and all mandatory activities (see above).
  • clean up after your group in the lab.
  • return all borrowed items, such as tools, components, etc. and make sure to have your group's supervisor e-mail Kristian, with cc to Pontus and group members, that your group has returned everything and cleaned up.
  • do the above within stipulated deadlines, and make sure to have each item approved by your group's supervisor


Anton Cervin (
Charlotta (Lotta) Johnsson (
Martina Maggio (
Kristian Soltesz (, course responsible)



Research engineers

Pontus Andersson (, lab, equipment, components)
Anders Nilsson (, computer systems, git) 

LADOK responsible

Mika Nishimura (

Student representatives (Swe: kursombud)

The role of the student representative is described here (unfortunately only in Swedish).

Project groups

Getting started

Feedback seminars

Final report

Presentation and demonstration

External resources