Collision Avoidance: A line-of-sight and time-to-collision approach.

Thiago Marinho, University of Illinois UC


We discuss the problem of collision avoidance amongst autonomous vehicles  on a 2D plane. The control strategy is inspired by the way animals navigate, relying only on line-of-sight (LOS) angle and time-to-collision (TTC) as feedback, made available by the on-board gimbaled monocular camera. The novelty of this work is in the proposed avoidance strategy that achieves collision avoidance without the measurement of distance, including the guarantees supported by  Lyapunov-based analysis. Additionally, the proposed solution does not require an underlying logic that decides to avert or not the collision, therefore relaxing the conservatism of the previous results. The proposed framework is also suitable for evading collisions in a scenario with multiple obstacles.