Event-Based Information Fusion for the Self-Adaptive Cloud

WASP PhD Project Proposal

 Testing Autonomous Control-Based Software Systems
Supervisor: Martina Maggio, Department of Automatic Control
Contact info: Phone +46 46 2224785, Mail:

Short Project description:
Self-Adaptive software usually comprises the software itself and an adaptation layer, in charge of observing the current execution conditions and reacting to these conditions with changes in the software behavior. The adaptation layer is often realized with control-theoretical techniques, to exploit the large set of guarantees that control-based adaptation provides. Properly testing these systems is a complex problem. First, the control strategy should be verified on its own to assess the formal guarantees that it entails. Second, it should be possible to verify that the introduction of control theory does not influence the behavior of the software in terms of functional properties. Third, the formal guarantees that the control-theoretical adaptation offers should be verified in practice when the controller is connected to the software system. The project proposes the study of testing for self-adaptive software where the adaptation layer is based on control-theoretical principles.

The Research Group

You will be a member of an  internationally renowned research group. The research at the Department of Automatic Control is described here. You can also have a look at the Activity Reports available here. Your research topic has many connections to other disciplines as mathematics, signal processing and computer science, and you are encouraged to work cross-disciplinary and take advantage of the creative research environment available at Lund University.  

If you want to get a feeling of what our PhD students do after finishing, you could have a look at our page of Alumni here.

Being a WASP PhD Student at Automatic Control

As a WASP academic PhD student, you are hired by Lund University as a normal PhD student and enjoy the usual employment benefits. As a PhD student in Automatic Control you devote 50% of your time on research, 30% on coursework (90 credits in total), and 20% on teaching. For a list of PhD courses that have been given at our department, see this page.

Being a WASP PhD student, you are also a member of  the nation-wide WASP Graduate School, which arranges summer schools, winter conferences, and international study trips. WASP also arranges three core courses that all WASP PhD students are expected to follow: Autonomous Systems (12 credits), Software Engineering and Cloud Computing (6 credits), and Autonomous Systems Project Course (6 credits). Since the WASP graduate school have a large number of industrial PhD students you also have the opportunity to grow a good industrial network. You also have the possibility to spend one semester at a university abroad.


Apply at no later than June 1 (select Project LU5).