Automatic Control

The Department of Automatic Control at Lund University was created in 1965 and has today grown to hosting about 60 people.

We give courses within the regular engineering program to students from different areas of engineering. We also have a PhD program where the students specialize in various theories and applications of automatic control.

Our research is concentrated to seven areas:
Modeling and Control of Complex Systems, Control and Real-Time Computing, Process Control, Robotics, Automotive Systems, Biomedical Projects and Tools.

The department is hosting several large research projects funded by the European Commission and Swedish funding agencies. There is also active collaboration with industry.

 Positions for PhD students are announced here, usually around April 1 and October 1.



On Trajectory Generation for Robots
M. Mahdi Ghazaei Ardakani, Dept. of Automatic Control, Lund University
Opponent: Torsten Kröger, Stanford Artificial Intelligence Lab
Chairperson: Tore Hägglund, Dept. of Automatic Control, Lund University

The seminar will be held December 21, 2016 at 10.15 in M:B.

The Department of Automatic Control opens a position as Assistant Senior Lecturer. You are welcome to apply here. The last date for application is December 19, 2016.

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Recent Publications

Journal Article:
Christian Cuba Samaniego et al: Stability analysis of an artificial biomolecular oscillator with non-cooperative regulatory interactions. 2017.

Conference Contribution:
Rolf Johansson: Continuous-time model identification of time-varying systems using non-uniformly sampled data. 2016.

Journal Article:
Rolf Johansson et al: Observer-based strictly positive real (SPR) variable structure output feedback control. 2016.

Conference Contribution:
Magnus Perninge, Robert Eriksson: A stochastic control formulation of the continuous-time power system operation problem. 2016.

Conference Contribution:
Carolina Lidström, Anders Rantzer: Optimal H-infinity state feedback for systems with symmetric and Hurwitz state matrix. 2016.

Conference Contribution:
Franco Blanchini, Giulia Giordano: Structural analysis of dynamical networks: BDC-decomposition and influence matrix. 2016.

Journal Article:
F. Blanchini et al: Model-Free Plant Tuning. 2016.

Journal Article:
Giulia Giordano et al: The Smallest Eigenvalue of the Generalized Laplacian Matrix, with Application to Network-Decentralized Estimation for Homogeneous Systems. 2016.

Journal Article:
Franco Blanchini et al: A convex programming approach to the inverse kinematics problem for manipulators under constraints. 2016.

PhD Thesis:
Mahdi Ghazaei: On Trajectory Generation for Robots. November 2016.