Automatic Control

The Department of Automatic Control at Lund University was created in 1965 and has today grown to hosting about 60 people.

We give courses within the regular engineering program to students from different areas of engineering. We also have a PhD program where the students specialize in various theories and applications of automatic control.

Our research is concentrated to seven areas:
Modeling and Control of Complex Systems, Control and Real-Time Computing, Process Control, Robotics, Automotive Systems, Biomedical Projects and Tools.

The department is hosting several large research projects funded by the European Commission and Swedish funding agencies. There is also active collaboration with industry.

 Positions for PhD students are announced here, usually around April 1 and October 1.


PhD position in Automatic Control is announced. Last date to apply is April 9. Application is made online. Link to announcement in English and Swedish.

Recent Publications

Journal Article:
Pontus Giselsson: Tight global linear convergence rate bounds for Douglas–Rachford splitting. 2017.

Conference Contribution:
Martin Karlsson et al: Autonomous Interpretation of Demonstrations for Modification of Dynamical Movement Primitives. 2017.

Journal Article:
Pedro Mercader et al: Robust PID design based on QFT and convex-concave optimization. 2017.

Licentiate Thesis:
Fredrik Bagge Carlson: Modeling and Estimation Topics in Robotics. March 2017.

Journal Article:
Antonio Filieri et al: Control Strategies for Self-Adaptive Software Systems. 2017.

Conference Contribution:
Stepan Shevtsov et al: Handling New and Changing Requirements with Guarantees in Self-Adaptive Systems using SimCA. 2017.

Conference Contribution:
Martina Maggio et al: Self-Adaptive Video Encoder: Comparison of Multiple Adaptation Strategies Made Simple. 2017.

Journal Article:
Daria Madjidian et al: H2 Optimal Coordination of Homogeneous Agents Subject to Limited Information Exchange. 2017.

Conference Contribution:
Ewnetu Bayuh Lakew et al: KPI-agnostic Control for Fine-Grained Vertical Elasticity. 2017.

Conference Contribution:
Gabriel Ingesson et al: Efficiency Optimal, Maximum Pressure Control in Compression Ignition Engines. 2017.