Automatic Control

Thesis defense

Martin Morin nails his thesis. It will be defended on Oct. 25

PhD defense

Claudio Mandrioli nails his thesis. It will be defended on December 16th.

Robotics week 2022

PhD defense

Hamed Sadeghi nails his thesis. It will be defended December 15th.

TA of the year 2022

Olle Kjellqvist awarded TA of the year by mech.eng. students

ELLIIT Tech Talks

ELLIIT tech talks are now released! The first themes of the video series on different aspects of digitalization. All in all, there will be 12 themes presented in a popular scientific style, one new theme is released Tuesdays 12.00 every second week. For each theme two ELLIIT researchers are presenting a topic, there are interviews with the presenters and then there is also a conversation about the topic at large with an external guest as well.
You can go to the ELLIIT website:
There you also find the schedule for the remaining themes and all videos.
Half of the presentations are in Swedish, half in English, and they are all with subtitles available in both languages. Feel free to use the videos in different occasions, and to spread the information about the video series in your personal network, through LinkedIn, Facebook, mail or whatever preference you have.
The first theme is about Industry 4.0:
1. Industry 4.0,
Charlotta Johnsson, Professor of Control
Maria Kihl, Professor of Internet Systems
Jonas Birgersson, IT-entreprenur
Johan Wester, host

Data-driven modelling and learning for cancer immunotherapy

Photos and videos from the ELLIIT Workshop in Lund May 4-6 can be found here.