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My Research & LTH's Vision

My research is driven by the desire to benefit the world and our future society. I have the privilege to work in academia and having a strong connection to industry, a possibility that I am grateful for. I want my research to be be theoretically fascinating, practically stimulating, and personnally engaging!


I am a researcher at the Engineering Faculty (LTH) at Lund University, Sweden. My research mainly relates to four of UN's global sustainable goals (Agenda2030): 

  • To the benefit of Industry: the future system architecture for Smart Industry and related international industry standards are examples of what my research is focused on. 
  • To the benefit of Life: tomorrow’ssurgicalreportswillbe completelydifferent from the textualpaper reportsthatthe hospitals areusingtoday. In my research wefocus on transformingthe writtenreportsto films with3D-images in highresolution. 
  • To the benefit of Society: Universities’ valueproposition to societyis callingfor a change. My research focuseson the importanceofcross-disciplinarity, leadership, entrepreneurialmindset, and collaborativpedagogics.