Real-Time Systems


FRTN01/FRTN01F Realtidssystem, 10 hp

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Advanced/doctoral course covering methods for design and implementation of real-time computer control systems.


  • [2017-06-16] The June exam will be on display on Thursday 22 June, 12:00 - 12:30 in Lab C
  • [2017-06-11] The exam and solution for June 3 2017
  • [2017-05-16] The last exam will be on display on Thursday 18 May, 12:30 - 13:00 in Lab C
  • [2017-05-15] Project presentations & Demos: On Tuesday 16 May 15:15-17:00 the project demos will take place in our labs. We start at 15:15 in M.E and then all projects that are ready will be demo'ed in parallel in LAB A, Lab B and the Robot Lab. Those groups that share equipment will have to split the time between them.

    Directly afterwards, i.e, 17:00 the oral presentations will take place. This will be done in the following five parallel groups:

    • M:E: Groups: 1,6,11,17 (Teacher: Martina)
    • Aut Control Seminar room: Groups: 2, 7, 13, 16 (Teacher: Karl-Erik)
    • M:D Groups: 3,8,12 (Teacher: Victor)
    • M:A Groups: 4,9,14 (Teacher: Tommi)
    • Conference room, Lab corrdor: Groups: 5,10,15 (Teacher: Martin)

    You have maximum 10 minutes per group. Slides projectors will be availabe. Bring your own laptop or an USB stick with a PDF of your presentation.

  • [2017-04-21] The exam and solution for April 21 2017
  • [2017-03-30] An extra repetition lecture will be held on Thursday April 6, 15-17 in Dept of Automatic Control's seminar room (M2112B).
  • [2017-03-16] The registration for Lab 3 is now open.
  • [2017-03-02] The projects have now been assigned to the groups and the advisors. In some cases project groups have been merged. The next step is that the project advisors will contact you for the first meeting.
  • [2017-02-24] Don't forget to register for the projects. Deadline is Feb 28.
  • [2017-02-23] The registration for Lab 2 is now open.
  • [2017-02-20] We have been forced to move Lecture 14, originally scheduled for Tuesday Feb 28, 8-10, to Thursday Mar 2, 10-12. We will be in M2112B, i.e., the seminar room of the Department of Automatic Control.
  • [2017-02-06] The registration for Lab 1 is now open.
  • [2017-01-19] In order for us to balance the load on the exercise groups you must register for the exercise group that you want to attend. You do this through this link. However, although you have registered to one group you may attend another exercise group as long as there is free space.


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