Real-Time Systems

FRTN01/FRTN01F Realtidssystem, 10 hp

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Advanced/doctoral course covering methods for design and implementation of real-time computer control systems.


  • [2018-04-23] The results of the exam have been entered in Ladok. The exam will be on display on Friday April 27th, at 12:30 in Lab C.
  • [2018-04-18] You can find the text and solutions of the April 11th exam following these links: text, solutions.
  • [2018-03-07] Sign-up for Lab 3 is now open. You can sign-up through this link.
  • [2018-02-19] Sign-up for Lab 2 is now open. You can sign-up through this link.
  • [2018-01-30] Sign-up for Lab 1 is now open. You can sign-up through this link.
  • [2018-01-18] In order for us to balance the load on the exercise groups you must register for the exercise group that you want to attend. You do this through this link. However, although you have registered to one group you may attend another exercise group as long as there is free space.


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