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FRTN01 - Real Time Systems

Realtidssystem, 10 hp

Advanced course covering methods for design and implementation of real-time computer control systems.
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  • [2020-08-26] The August 27 exam will take place as a zoom exam similar to the last two times. Those that have signed up for it using Ladok or by contacting the department have received detailed information.
  • [2020-06-05] The May 30 exam including solutions.
  • [2020-05-07] The April 2020 exam including solutions.
  • [2020-04-15] A Canvas "course" named Realtidssystem-tentamen has been created. Those of you that have signed up for the exam have been made members of this course. You should also have received an email about this yesterday. In the Canvas page there is additional information about the exam. Please read this ASAP. The URL to the Canvas course is . You access it with your StiL accounts.
  • [2020-04-01] The Repetition Lecture will take place on the 2nd of April at 15:15 on Zoom ( ).
  • [2020-03-30] The exercise session PS6 on Scheduling will take place on the 31st of March from 10:15 to 12:00 on zoom (
  • [2020-03-26] If you have questions please do NOT come to the TAs' or professors' offices, send an email instead. If you want to talk it is also possible to plan Zoom meetings.
  • [2020-03-25] Common issues with the home version of lab 3 will be posted on the lab page. Please keep an eye on it.
  • [2020-03-25] The home version of lab 3 is now available. Files and instructions are available in the lab page.
  • [2020-03-25] Under the light of new directives from Lund Universtity the April exam will take place. More information on the format will come as soon as possible.
  • [2020-03-23] The exercise session PS5 on the implementation aspects of controllers will take place on the 24th from 10:15 to 12:00 on zoom (
  • [2020-03-18] The "hot research topics" lecture that was supposed to be given on 26/3 is now cancelled. In case you are interested in knowing what is going on research-wise (and possible opportunities for master thesis) please contact your teachers and teaching assistants instead. The "recap" lecture that was supposed to be given on 2/4 is going to be given on ZOOM on a date that is close to the first exam date. A link will be posted here for how to access the meeting room. There are two exercises left: fixed point, and scheduling theory. They will be both scheduled on ZOOM with links posted here. The exercise on fixed point will be given on Tuesday 24/3 from 10 to 12. The exercise on scheduling will be given on Tuesday 31/3 from 10 to 12.
  • [2020-03-11] Material for laboratory 3 is now available. Download the instructions and do the preparatory work; especially spend some time revising lecture 11 before attending your session.
  • [2020-03-08] Due to a scheduling error, Lab 2 session 3 and Lecture 15 overlap. The lab will be conducted from 08:00 to 10:00. You can discuss with the TA and complete the lab at a later time if required.
  • [2020-02-26] Please try to book your lab sessions and avoid changes. If you really need to change lab session, contact the laboratory responsible person (see the course program to find who is the responsible person for each laboratory).
  • [2020-02-26] ScheduLearn (Scheduling theory tool) is available here.
  • [2020-02-24] Sign up for lab 3 is now open here.
  • [2020-02-21] Sign up for lab 2 is now open here.
  • [2020-01-28] Sign up for the lab sessions here.
  • [2020-01-22] Sign up for the exercise groups here.
  • [2019-12-10] Initialized webpage for 2020.

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  • [2018] Sverre Knutsen,, F
  • [2018] Ivan Llopis Beltran,, M
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