Automatic Control

Faculty of Engineering, LTH

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Specializations and Elective Courses

Our courses are part of the following specializations and programs as elective courses:


 FRTF20 Applied RoboticsFRTN01 Multivariable
FRTN50 Optimization for LearningFRTN35 System
FRTN05 Nonlinear
FRTN40 Project in ControlFRTN01 Realtime
FRTN15 Predictive
FRTN25 Process
FRTN30 Network
F: Control Systems (r) X XXX X X   X
F: Financial
Modeling (fm)
F: Machine Intelligence (mai) XX X
F: Elective courses XX XXX XX X X
E: Signals and Sensors (ss)
E: Control and Automation (ra) X XX XX X   X
E: Elective courses X X
D: Systems, Signals and Control (ssr) X X  XX X    
D: Embedded Systems (is)     XX      
D: Software Engineering (se)     X      
D: Machine Intelligence (mai) X XX X X
D: Elective courses X
Pi: Systems, Signals and Control (ssr) X XXX   X    
Pi: Software (pv)     X      
Pi: Elective courses X X X
M: Transport Technology (tt)     X      
M: Mechatronics (me) X  X XX      
M: Product Realization (prr) X
M: Elective courses X
I: Finacial Engineering and Risk Management (fir)           X
I: Software Intensive Systems (pvs) X   X      
I: Elective courses X X
K: Process Design (p)         X  
K: Elective courses X
B: Bioprocess Technology (pt)         X  
B: Elective courses X
BME: Signals, Images and E-Health (sbh) X


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