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Control Seminar Series

Monthly seminars are being held where eminent faculties and researchers visit us and deliver a seminar fostering new research collaborations.

Seminar Responsible: Venkatraman Renganathan (@ Venkat)

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2024 Seminars:

DateSpeakerTopic (Click if available to see video)


2023 Seminars:

DateSpeakerTopic (Click if available to see video)
27 April Dr. Andrea IannelliOnline Learning for Control: Bringing Sequential Decision Making in the Loop
07 MarchDr. Rudolphe SepulchreFeedback system analysis: back to the future
23 February Dr. Ingvar ZiemannOn the Fundamental Limits of Learning to Control
08 SeptemberDr. Bart BesselinkModular analysis of linear systems using assume-guarantee contracts
01 DecemberDr. Henrik SandbergStealthy False Data Injection Attacks in Feedback Systems Revisited


2022 Seminars:

DateSpeakerTopic (Click if available to see video)
15 December Dr. Pierre-Loïc GaroceSet-based reasoning to guarantee properties about control systems.
24 November Dr. Antonio VisioliClosed-loop control of anesthesia: a help for the anesthesiologists
17 November Dr. Nikolay Oskolkov

Computational challenges in ancient genomics

29 September Dr. Steffi Knorn


Scalable robustness and distributed control of multi agent systems


23 September Dr. Richard MurrayOperational Test and Evaluation for Safety-Critical Autonomous Systems: Progress, Challenges, and Opportunities
25 August Dr. Frank Allgöwer

Data-driven Model Predictive Control: Concepts, Algorithms and Properties