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Scalable Control of Interconnected Systems

Researchers: Taouba Jouini, Olle Kjellqvist, Felix Agner, Pauline Kergus, Richard Pates, Emil Vladu, Anders Rantzer


Modern society is critically dependent on large-scale networks for services such as energy supply, transportation and communications. The design and control of such networks is becoming increasingly complex, due to their growing size, heterogeneity and autonomy. A systematic theory and methodology for control of large-scale interconnected systems is therefore needed. In an ambitious effort towards this goal, this project will address the following key aspects:

  • Modeling by leveraging tools from learning and adaption
  • Control design by utilizing structural properties of the system
  • Verification of system performance using decomposable certificates

Energy networks (electricity and district heating) will be used as a guiding example for the development of theory and methodology. The applicative dimension of this project is led in close collaboration with industrial partners in the energy sector.

For publications and activities, see project pages in the LU Research Portal.
Current work on heating networks

Funding: European Research Council and Wallenberg Autonomous Systems and Software Program