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Modeling - from Physics to Languages and Software


Drawing show what systems look like, models show how system behave.
Models are central for control, they are used in all phases from design to
operation. According to the US National Academy of Engineering, there will
be growth in areas of simulation and modeling around the creation of new
engineering “structures”. Computer-based design-build engineering will be-
come the norm for most product designs, accelerating the creation of complex
structures for which multiple subsystems combine to form a final product.
The course focuses on physics based modeling and tools required to do
modeling efficiently. We will use the language Modelica which originated in
Lund with a PhD dissertation by Hilding Elmqvist. Modelica is widely used
in industries such as automotive, power and process contol. It is supported
by the international organization We will use two modelica
tools: Modia a Julia based system and Modelon Impact. There will be 14
two hour lectures.


1. Introductionslidesvideo
2. Discrete event systemsslidesvideo
3. Modelling methodology & DAEslides slidesvideo
4. Mechanical Systems & Frictionslides slidesvideo

5. Hilding Elmqvist

6. Circuit Theory, Richard Patesslidesvideo

7. Automotive, Björn Olofsson

8. Bicycles, KJÅslidesvideo
9. Power Systems, Olof Samuelssonslidesvideo
10. Ships & Aerospace, KJÅslidesvideo
11. Physical modeling in Julia, Fredrik Bagge at KC:Pslidesvideo
12. Fluids, KJÅslidesvideo
13. Boilers, KJÅ


14. Compartment Models, KJÅslidesvideo
15. Modelon Impact, Mathias Strandberg video
16. Neurons, KJÅslidesvideo

Some lectures will be given by prominent guest lecturers. There will be a project to use Modelica to model a reasonably complicated system, the students can choose their own project a project can also be provided.

Zoom link

The remaining program is (updated May 11):

  • May 11 13-15 Physical modeling in Julia, Fredrik Bagge at KC:P (KC1, level-1)ay 1
  • May 12 13-15 Fluids, KJÅ
  • May 17 10-12 Boilers, KJÅ
  • May 19 13-15 Compartment Models, KJÅ
  • May 24 10-12 Mathias Strandberg Modelon Impact